Export/Import issues

When I export a chapter to Word, the block quotes stay as expected.

However, when I import them, they are not.

Is there any way to fix them other than me manually doing it?

Also, in my folder, say, chapter 1, if I have two scenes: Reading the newspaper and My experience with…, they are sorted alphabetically and not as scene 1 and scene 2. After importing them, I have to move them again.

What sort of “export” are you doing here?

  1. I think the first question will be answered when we know what style is assigned to the blockquote in Scriv (if any), what style it has assigned when it shows up in Word, and what style it shows up as having in Scriv when re-imported. [[Does this problem occur even if you do not open/edit an exported file before reimporting it?]]

  2. As for the other question about the multiple files. I have a feeling you are using an export function for some purpose other than it was intended. For example, Scrivener has always come with an export function which was your no-lock-in guarantee that you could always get your work out of scriv if need be and into some standard format (rtf as it might be) — but this is a very basic content dump, not designed for ongoing interactive use with Scriv. If you are moving back and forth between Scriv and editing your content with some other app, maybe Sync with External Folder is what you are looking for?

I tried Sync functionality. It’s a bit cumbersome. I find the export File->Export->Files to be much easier. I can export it to Word format and then run it thru’ Grammarly and reimport. I kinda had a workaround solution by adding 1., 2., 3., etc.:slight_smile:

The style I’m assigning is block quotes+code span. BTW, is there an ‘X-Ray’ functionality available to see EXACTLY what is applied and where it starts?

Okay so you’ve got two Scriv styles assigned to the blockquote. By your report they are a (paragraph) style called ‘block quotes’ and a (character) style called ‘code span’.

But there are three style assignment locations to check on! In Scriv, in Word and in Scriv again on reimport. You’ve given me the first. But we really want to know what happens after that too. So, for example, if we had the answer to all three questions we might learn that only one of the styles (block quote or code) is being preserved round trip and that would give a clue as to how to fix it. ((You could also check what happens to chunks of text with just one or the other of those styles assigned. Is one of them munged and the other not?)) Or maybe we would find that style assignments are not being exported at all.

On X-Ray vision: With paragraph styles the boundaries of the style are always the paragraph, so no mystery there. With character styles, I always enable the background tinting option with the style, so I can always see in Scriv just what span has the character style applied.

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I solved the issue by changing it to code block and then center-justufying it. it does what I want. thx.

btw, how do I enable/disable the background tinting option?

It is in the dialog of options you set when defining a style.

For an existing style, you can add it to the definition by first applying the style to some text and then with that very text still selected choose Redefine Style [stylename] from Selection. When you get the style options dialog, everything will already be as you want it for that style, except you can there enable the background color hinting and choose a color.

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