Export-Import lost formatting.

Hi - i exported a finished file, did all final formatting and error correction in Word. When I re-imported it back into scrivenor the font formatting changed, mostly to Helvetica. This is a shame as I would like to keep finished files in Scrivener whilst working on the rest of the project in case they need any final edits. But it seems this would involve a lot of re-formatting with each exported edit.

There has been a lot of discussion on this, and it all basically boils down to optimising your workflow so that the formatting application is the absolute last link in the chain. All error correction and editing should be done in Scrivener (or at least hosted from it, when collaborating or working with an editor), and once the final draft is complete, then you can export to your preferred formatting application to finalise the appearance. Circular editing just really doesn’t work all that well unless you have very basic requirements. Anything like highlights, annotations, footnotes, outline structure, and so on will be lost – mostly for reasons of supreme technical difficulty (it is far easier to create an RTF than to read it).

Thanks for your reply AmberV. Yes I’ve seen from the other posts that there’s something of an OS issue in shifting text between formats. Thanks for the tips on workflow.