Export Index Cards/Outline as .pdf

I get a lot of my writing feedback at the outlining stage and not every one I talk with uses scrivener - plus, it’d be really great to send them the index card synopsis without needing to send everything else as well. Bonus points if index card colours (from labels) and keyword colours (or just the keywords themselves would work) could be included.

This is pretty easy to do. While typically the compiler is used to turn an outline of documents into a single file, you can also use it to create reports and outlines. In fact we have included a built-in “Format As” preset called “Outliner” that pretty much does what you want. The only thing you’ll want to change is adding meta-data. Go into the Formatting compile option pane (you may need to click the blue up-arrow if you can’t see the advanced options) and make sure the “Meta-Data” column has checkmarks. Note, while you are there, how the “Text” column does not have checkmarks with this preset. Text is the main content of the documents in the outline. If you turn that off, you can compile without revealing all of the prose.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately only the first keyword for each document seems to be displayed?

Looks like you’re correct! I’ll make sure that’s in the bug list. Thank you.

Update: Okay, it’s already in the list. Actually it’s the last keyword only, but either way that’s not the way it is supposed to work!