Export is not UTF-8

When I compile my Scrivener draft to MultiMarkDown, the resulting txt file is not UTF-8 but Mac OS Roman, so accents don’t get processed.

Very strange, because encoding=utf-8 in multimarkdown.xslt.

Which version of Scrivener are you using? It is set to export using UTF8 encoding for MMD…

I’m using 1.53. Can I change the export encoding for MMD in the frontend somewhere too?

No, there are no encoding options in Scrivener, I’m afraid. I’m wondering if a user of MMD can shed any light on this, though, as Scrivener is definitely using UTF8 as its encoding. Sorry that’s not more help, but I just tried using Compile to MMD and the accents appeared fine in a test file, so I think the problem must lie elsewhere in the MMD export process. (I’m not saying it’s definitely not something I need to do anything about, just that as I’m no MMD expert, I don’t understand what the problem is either. :slight_smile: )
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No one else this problem? :unamused:

Any chance it is the app you opened the result in that is the culprit here? Just fishing.


MMD seems to be exported as UTF-8 file here, using Scrivener 1.53 (and writing in French) :wink: