Export Issue with Word Formats

I’ve noticed a problem with exporting compiled manure, I mean manuscripts, out of Scrivener. I choose .docx as the file type, export, and then when I open it, the formatting’s a bit screwy. For example, the word count doesn’t show up on the cover page and sometimes the text boxes move around a bit.

If I take that same .docx file in Word and export it as an .rtf or .doc, it comes out just fine. Strange, huh?

The .docx and .doc exports are screwy in nature - unfortunately this is just down to the OS X exporters (try the same in TextEdit). RTF is by far the best format to which to export, as it is less buggy and I’ve been able to hack into the exporter to add more features in ways that I cannot with the .doc or .docx exporters.

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