Export Keywords?

Hi there,

First off, thanks for a wonderful product!

I’m trying to discover if there is an easy way to export the Keywords of a project; in my case it is because I want to use many of my keywords in a .word Index.

So far, I’ve simply applied all the keywords I want exported, to 1 file in the binder and then exportet it with the '<$keywords> variable. This gives me a comma separated list, which I can then readjust in a table for use with word.

Is there a more clean way ? Or maybe a possibility of copying them from a file in the Project bundle?


Br Nikolaj

I’d say the easiest way is to drag them out of the Project Keyword window into a text document in Scrivener. If you have them organised into sections, use Cmd-9 in that window to fully expand the tree, then Cmd-A to select all. Drag them into a blank document to get a comma-delineated list, and now you can either export that file or copy and paste the contents to another program.

Ah, yes, that’s another to do it as well, thx!

Is import of keywords something that is doable or must they be typed in ?

They must be typed in. Though once they are, they can be transferred from project to project by attaching them to a binder item of any kind and dragging it to the target project. The keywords assigned to that item will be added to the target project’s window. The next build (currently in beta) will make it even easier as you’ll be able to drag and drop from one project’s keyword window to another.

So if you have a lot you use repeatedly, you might consider collecting them together into a custom template so future projects you create have them from the start.

Thx a lot Amber, I am using the keyword structure to document the contents of a syllabus; each item in the binder is then applied the keywords of the syllabus part they match.

This way, by using the <$keywords> variable on export I can then use a concordance file which also contain the keywords, to create an index in word afterwords.

Thus, it can easily be reviewed which pages fulfill the different parts of the syllabus.

Either way, the syllabus contents must be typed into either concordance file or Scriveners keywords structure for the process to begin. Thx!