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when I export my draft to LaTex via MMD, sicrivener adds two line breaks at the end of every footnote. So the footnotes are always like this:

12 “Footnote”

13 “Footnote”

14 “Footnote”

Also, the contents are not printed. There is just a page “Contents” without any content.

Anybody an idea.

Thanks for the help


Whar do you mean with two linebreaks? A footnote in LaTeX is typeset by TeX, so if the space is to big, you have to configure LaTeX.\footnote{This is a footnote in LaTeX}

If the Contents is empty in the resulting DVI- or PDF-file, you have to rerun LaTeX.

When exported to LaTex and opened in Tex, this is what I get:

[b]…development\footnote{e.g.\ GDP per capita growth

}, via indicators mixin…[/b]

However it should look like this:

…development\footnote{e.g.\ GDP per capita growth}, via indicators mixin…

So, somehow Scrivener or the MMD Export function adds 2 linebreaks. If I remove this linebreak manually and create a pdf everything looks fine. However I am not so keen in manually editing all of my footnotes. Normal RTF export works fine.

I have never seen this problem with footnotes before. Try this: Export your file as MultiMarkdown, and open this file in a text editor that shows hidden characters. Scroll down to the very bottom of the file. You should see your footnote entries here if you used Scrivener’s built in footnote feature. If you typed them in manually they will show up where you placed them in the document structure. Do you see anything odd, perhaps spaces after each footnote entry? Unlike most components in MMD, you do not need a double space between them, for example mine look like this:[^1]: Footnote one. [^2]: Footnote two. [^3]: Et cetera.And yes, some features such as table of contents, cross referencing, page numbering, and so on need to reference existing generated LaTeX data; so you have to run LaTeX at least twice to get everything synchronised. It is safest to run it three times, though two is usually enough for me.

I tried the MMD exprt and crosschecked in a text editor.

The File looks like this

[code][^fn4]: see Collier et. al (2003a): 93

[^fn5]: see Collier (2005a:XIII)

[^fn6]: Collier et al. (2003a:13)

So there is also a line break in it. I also had a closer look at the document and a) several paragraphs are missing and b) no images are exported.

I remeber that I have updated MMD manually. I am not sure if something got messed up. But there has been a new release of Scrivener since then…

I am not sure how the Sparkle updater (what Scrivener uses to patch itself) work; whether it downloads the entire package, or just the parts it needs. If the latter is the case, and MMD was not updated (which was the case with 1.01), then that part might not have been changed between updates.

The safest thing to do would be to visit this thread, announcing a new MMD update, and copy that new distribution into ~/Application Support/MultiMarkdown. Scrivener will defer to versions that exist there, before using its built-in copy which is older than this newer revision.

This also makes it easier to modify and extend MMD on your own, as you do not have to navigate into the Scrivener bundle. So, it would be a good idea to update anyway; but I’d be curious to see if it clears up your problem too.

If you update MMD as AmberV suggested, you should find this problem solved…


Thanks a lot for your quick help.

Footnotes now look perfect :slight_smile:

However I still encounter a few other problems re. the export. I decided to open another topic.

literatureandlatte.com/forum … =9769#9769

It is about missing paragraphs, pics and tables.

Take care Marcus