Export Links


I am looking for a way to export internal links into a RTF or a DOC or a PDF, it doesn’t really mattter what format it is. What I do is I right-click into my document, choose New Link and then select the document I am trying to link. I understand that links are meant to be used only inside Scrivener, but there seems to be some possibility with the “Update Scrivener links containing titles to include prefix/suffix”-option in the Compile-dialog.

I’m deeply sorry, I am pretty sure this has been covered before, but I just spent an hour trying to figure this out and it seems to be a bit more tricky than I anticipated…

Thank you,

The option you refer to is purely for keeping title names consistent. This inserts whatever prefix or suffix you are using to modify the title names, in the Formatting compile pane. Consider the case where you’ve completely overwritten the original binder title with something generic, like “Chapter <$w>”. The reference to that chapter would need to be changed so that it matches the way it appears in the book. In this particular example, the original link would be completely renamed.

But, if it truly doesn’t matter what format you are using, try HTML. :slight_smile: By default Scrivener Links will become intra-document anchor links.