Export one chapter

My book has ten chapters, each with many sub-documents. Is there an easy way I can make a copy–in Scrivener–of one chapter to send to a reader?

Probably the easiest is the File → Print Current Document command, which lets you print whatever’s in the Editor to a PDF file.

Alternatively, both the File → Export → Files command and the Compile command can work on any subset of the project you like.


I tried the File → Export → Files commands, and it export what is says is a .scriv document, but when I try to open it, I get the following error message.

Using Compile, the default setting has everything checked (dozens!). Is there any way to default to uncheck everything, then just check the few I need?

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.49.28 AM.png[/attachment]

OPT CLICK (mouse or trackpad) the selection boxes in the compile window.


OK, that worked. I checked the chapter I want, then clicked Compile. It tried to print to my printer, which I don’t want. Under PDF, I selected Compile PDF to Scrivener. It briefly showed a progress bar, then vanished. Where did it go?

Most likely in your default user folder / documents folder.

It will probably have the project name, so you could search for that in Finder.

Or run compile again, but choose PDF from the compile window (not print) and you should see a dialogue box asking where to save the file.


But I don’t want to compile it as a PDF; my reader is also using Scrivener, so I want to send him one chapter in .scriv.

Compile creates other formats; not Scrivener projects.

  1. Quit Scrivener

  2. Duplicate the project in Finder (right click the project’s icon and choose the option to create a duplicate)

  3. Open the duplicate and delete anything you don’t want to send

  4. Empty the trash inside the Scrivener project

  5. Quit the project and close Scrivener

  6. Find the duplicate again in Finder

  7. Right click the icon and choose the option to compress the project. This will create a zip of the duplicate project, safe for sharing across networks

  8. Send your colleague the zip by email or message etc

This assumes your colleague is using a compatible version of Scrivener.


Without closing your main project, open a new blank project—preferably saved in Dropbox where you can share it with her/him—and then drag the appropriate chapter into the new project.

When s/he’s read it and added comments whatever, snapshot the chapter in your main project and use “merge projects”. Note of caution, duplicate your project before using “merge projects” to give you a shield against any unsuspected consequences.

You could then use that shared project for further chapters.



That works; dragging over to the new document. Thanks.