Export or Copy Synopsis Images

Each synopsis now has an image, as well as text card. Once an image has been drag-dropped to a synopsis, it appears there is no way to copy it or move it elsewhere. And when compiling, although synopsis is selected, only the text card gets compiled. I want the image to appear in the compiled document. Barring that, I need to copy it into the editor somehow. But… how?

The synopsis pics are in the project folder, in the “Files” folder. They’ll just have numbers for their names, but if you change your view to icons or tiles, you should be able to find the pic without trouble and drag-copy it to a different location.

At the moment there isn’t a way in Scrivener’s interface to copy the synopsis images, but this is on our list to fix in an update. In the meanwhile, as Sanguinius said, you can copy the synopsis images out of your project folder in Windows Explorer.

I’m tardy posting my thanks, but: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the public beta now available has added the ability to drag and drop the synopsis image into the text editor, so this will be in the next official release.