Export Outliner Contents as CSV

Just had a minor issue with this.

I’ve set up my project roughly like this:

When I export as CSV, Scrivener dutifully indents the records under the Level 1 folder by a couple spaces to indicate the hierarchy. And that’s great. The problem is the indenting is on every field, so when I open the CSV in Excel, it doesn’t see the Time records as times for levels lower in the hierarchy because they’re also indented.


I figured out how to search and replace in Excel to fix that, but I wonder if Scrivener’s behaviour should be changed so that the indenting only occurs on the title field, I don’t know that it’s of any value to have the other fields also indented.

That sounds like a bug to me. I agree that there is no purpose in adding spaces in front of subsequent columns for a row. I’ll make sure there is a note on this in the system.