Export Outliner


I am new to Scrivener. I started using it seriously a couple of weeks ago.
Until then, I tried many different softwares for screenwriting and novelwriting, but ended up with using excel and macros to write an outline in a visual way (i.e. playing with cell formatting, colors,…).
I played a lot with Scrivener those last weeks, in order to see how it can help me, and I was VERY interested in the outliner and corkboard features.
All in all, I see that it will be very helpfull to me, least to say.
But I realise also that I get used to certain features I created for myself with excel, to have a visual understanding of my stories. And I cannot do this with the Outliner the way I’d like to. Hopefully I will find a way to adapt Scrivener to my needs, as it is very flexible, one of the many advantages I see in it.

Presently I try to deal with export functionality. I want to export the Outline and format each level differently.
For instance:

  • Level 1: Uppercase, white caracters, and highlight in dark color.
  • Level 2: Normal, black caracters, and highlight in light color.
  • Level 3+: normal and basic formatting.

I have an issue: if I export to *.html, it’s ok, but if I export in *.doc or *.rtf, I do not have any “highlight” in my exported document.
Is it a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for the software!