Export Outliner


I am new to scrivener, and playing a lot with its possibilities. I left a post on the “Feedback (Windows)” section, which included a question, but it’s probably here that I should have posted it. Sorry if I did a mistake.

My question is about the export functionality. I want to export the Outline and format each level differently.
For instance:

  • Level 1: Uppercase, white caracters, and highlight in dark color.
  • Level 2: Normal, black caracters, and highlight in light color.
  • Level 3+: normal and basic formatting.

I have an issue: if I export to *.html, it’s ok, but if I export in *.doc or *.rtf, I do not have any “highlight” in my exported document.
Is it a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,

It looks like highlighting is stripped out for these formats, I’m not sure if that is intentional or a limitation in the export code—I’m guessing the latter, because I could export highlights using ODT and opening the document in LibreOffice.

Thanks for your quick answer.
I tried also with pdf and it works. I guess if it works with pdf, odt, html and not for rtf or doc, it’s probably a bug, no?


I don’t know whether it is a bug or a limitation in the export engine that generates RTF and DOC files. Some things cannot as easily (or at all) be coded for, and so wouldn’t technically be a bug. All I can say is that we do have it in the list as a known problem, but I have no feedback in that ticket as to what the nature of the problem is.

Thanks again :slight_smile: