Export Outliner's list

I note from their forum that the Mac version apparently has the option File > Export > Outliner, which does not appear in Windows ver 1.0.3. This would be a useful function for publishers who want a chapter list included in submissions. It would then only call for first selecting just Title and Synopsis in the Outliner Columns. I wouldn’t even care if it could only be output as a .csv, which can be easily edited into a Word file, say. it would still be far easier than re-typing from a screen-dump into Photoshop and printing off. Of course, it is entirely possible that there is another way of doing it that I have overlooked. If so, please advise.

This ability does already exist in Windows. What you are thinking of on the Mac is the ability to export an OPML file, which is in fact a common file format shared amongst outlining style programs. It probably wouldn’t be of much use to your agent or publisher though! It’s a more technical format for describing hierarchy and content.

What you want is to make a human friendly indented outline based on your book structure, and that can be done very easily by using Compile, and setting the “Format As” option to “Enumerated Outline”. By default this will just output a numbered list of titles, indented according to depth. You can tweak this further though if you wish. For instance if you want to add synopses, just expand the Compile interface with the blue arrow button, click on Formatting, and checkmark the boxes in the Synopsis column. They’ve already been pre-formatted for you, so you don’t have to do anything beyond that.