Export presets to other computers

I have 15 presets, and i collaborate with some friends in a work.
After we finish, we want to apply styles in word.

For this we will search in Word for same instances of the text (font, size, etc).

Is possible to export the presets i created to other computers, so my friends and I are suer to use the same presets?

There is not an interface for this, but all of your presets are stored in a file. Use the “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” menu command in the main application menu. This will bring up a Finder window with the Scrivener support folder shown. You should see a file called “Styles.plist”. Send this to your colleagues and have them place it in the same location, replacing the existing file they will have there. They should know this will wipe out their existing presets. If that is a problem, you can make a prototype document in the Binder that has all fifteen of the presets applied to sample text. They can then load the project and create presets from these text samples.

Perfect answer… :slight_smile: