Export & Print a Long File

I just had the mixed experience of getting a project ready to see the world, that is, creating hard copy for agent and friends to read.

Export from Scrivener to Word went fine. In Word, I had to clean up some margins, tabs, and indents, and add double-spacing. When all was perfect, I e-mailed the .doc file to my local print shop. Out came 228 pages with header too small and footer too big, thus throwing off the page number sequence wildly.

Explanation: the printer’s default margins, headers, and footers over-rode mine. He recommended that in the future I send him a PDF version where these matters are fixed. So I pass on this tip to fellow writers: before going to press, abandon Word and print the file to PDF.

Great, Will, that is very helpful. Thanks.

I may be nuts, it’s entirely possible, but I seem to remember something you posted to me that I may not have answered??? In the haze of travel and the defense, it just occurred to me that I’d seen something you’d written me. Or maybe I really did dream it?? I’m finally coming down to earth a bit. I bought a Palm Treo to try and help me keep my life in order, but I’m not sure it’s working just yet.


Hint: check your PM box on this forum.

I strongly second howarth’s point. Things can go wrong with PDF, too (unembedded fonts, mostly), but not nearly as many things as with Word, which is a known margin mangler, widowmaker, pagination pillager, etc.

Yeah, that’s what’s weird. I did and it’s not there. I knew I wasn’t dreaming it. I’ll PM you myself! Off I go…