Export problems

I have been working on my editing job and tried to export (first time with v. 2) as RTF files.

Unfortunately, Scrivener did not recognize existing folders on my HD. So I created a new folder (within a folder it did recognize). But then when it is exported, it appears in the Scrivener export window as having been done. However when I go to the Finder to continue to work with the files, none of them appear in the Finder, and not even the new folder I created within Scrivener.

Am I missing something?

OS X 10.6.6, Scrivener 2.0.4

(Because of the deadline, I copied individual files by the copy/paste method into Nisus Writer Pro. But that can’t be the solution in the future.)

The first thing I would try is using Spotlight to search for the folder name you created, or if that is somewhat generic, a binder title you recall, since binder names are what will be used for file names on export. Most likely, it just got created in a spot you didn’t expect, and so when you went to look for it, it wasn’t there.

The way this works is: it always requires a new folder unless you are only exporting one file. If you have more than one file selected for export (and selecting folders implies that) then the name you choose at the top of the export dialogue will be the name of the new folder, and it will be created in the spot that you navigate to using this dialogue box. You ordinarily do not have to create a new folder by hand in this dialogue (using the “New Folder” button in the bottom) unless you actually do want the export to be one level beneath the spot you were just in.

Yeah, when I got back I began searching. For some reason, it created all the files on my iDisk, which was not the target, but must have been defaulted.

Anyway, I went back and tried it again, paying closer attention to the target location, and all worked as it should.

Thanks from an old codger who needs new bifocals. :slight_smile: