Export Stage Play (UK) format to Final Draft

Dear all, I’m trying to export a play written with “Stage Play (UK)” format template to Final Draft.
When I convert a character from Scriv. to FD, it goes in the middle of the page like a screenplay and the dialogue under it, not on the left side with the dialogue on the same line, where I want.
Could you suggest me any trick, please?
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Ah, it looks like you’ve discovered a bug. There’s a difference in how FD and Scrivener handles right margins. When Scrivener has a right margin of 0, that means the text stretches to the right of the page. In Final Draft, the right margin must be specified from the left. This works fine for formats that specify a right margin, such as the screenplay ones, but when the right margin is 0, Scrivener sets it to 0 in the FDX and this doesn’t appear as it should in FD. I’ve just fixed this. I’m updating a special Script Frenzy trial (which will work as the full version for registered users) later tonight or tomorrow, and that will fix the issue. Look for it going live on this page:


(There is no page there yet.)

From your post, though, I’m not clear what format you are using to export to Final Draft. If you are using an earlier version of Final Draft than version 8, then I’m afraid you are out of luck, as the Final Draft 7 FCF converter format doesn’t support anything more than the default screenplay format.

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Thanks a lot Keith for your reply, for your effort and your kindness. (And your software).
Final Draft is version 8.0.1. Now I’ll take a look to ScriptFrenzy video.
Thanks again.
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That page is up now, so if you download the version of Scrivener there, hopefully you should be able to export to FD okay. I say “okay”, but Final Draft itself isn’t very good at handling UK stageplay format. The script will go across fine, but working with it in FD is difficult. The trouble is that FD is built around the idea of every element existing on a separate line, and doesn’t really work with tabs on a line, so the UK stage play format with characters and dialogue on the same line seems difficult for FD to handle. I need to play with things on FD’s side some more to see if there are any settings I’m missing.

Thanks for the kind words!
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EDIT: The other thing to bear in mind is that you need to ensure that the “Character & Dialogue” element in Scrivener isn’t renamed to just “Character” or “Dialogue” or suchlike - the default element names in FD have specific meanings and it will try to convert them to one-element-per-line on opening the file.

Thanks Keith,
it works!
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