Export to a specific Word Template

I’m doing a degree and have to submit all my essays using the university specific template. I do all my work in Scrivener for Windows and when finished export to Word 365. Unfortunately, when I have exported to Word, I then have to try and copy the document to a new document created using the specific template. Doing this throws all the citations out, and replaces the footnote numbers with normal numbers.

Is it possible to specify a specific Word Template during the export process? I’m guessing that I’m not the only person needing this, and it would save me at least an hour per essay due to reformatting the exported document.

This is a valid wish of a useful feature Scrivener would benefit from supporting. As Keith has started to make his own DOCX writer (see release notes for 3.1.2, not sure about the Windows beta), I suspect this would be a relatively low-hanging fruit, as Scrivener’s compiler could just merge the different XML files. So a +1 8) from me, though I wouldn’t use it I could imagine many others who would.

But this feature is already available if you use Scrivener alongside Pandoc. You compile via markdown, and Scrivener automatically triggers Pandoc to generate the resultant Word document using a personalised Word template (it simply combines the XML sub-files in the DOCX document bundle). Pandoc will do a bunch of other very useful things, chief among them for academic work is generate a fully styled bibliography automagically. Such a workflow is flexible, but comes at the cost of having to set up (see my signature for instructions).

What specifically does your University template require? Just page dimensions, fonts, and so on, or does it require specific Styles in Word? Mac Scrivener 3 will compile to a Word document with named styles out of the box, and that capability is coming to the Windows version as well.


Hi Katherine

The template requires specific headers (three columns: Student No, Essay module and title, date of submission) as well as a cover page with the plagiarism disclaimer.

The paragraph styles are 1.5 lines, Arial 12pt, first line indent, quotes over three lines as 1 line, leading and trailing paragraph indents and footnotes. Footnotes are Arial 10pt single line and no indents.

I realise I can set styles in Scrivener, but have found that they do not transfer well, particularly the footers which seem to come out as Arial 12pt and 1.5 line spacing. I use EndNote X9 for citations, so that process may impact the footers, I’m not to sure.

It takes me a good hour for a 2000 word essay to get it to the standard they will accept once I’ve exported it from Scrivener and run X9 to convert from shortcodes to full citations.

Defining a Compile format to meet those layout specifics would be straightforward on the Mac. I don’t work with the Windows version much, but I’m sure the helpful people in the Windows support forum can offer useful suggestions.

Scrivener aside, if it’s taking that long to get the formatting you want in Word, you might want to research Word’s own Find by Formatting and template features. Normalizing formatting to a “corporate” style is something that Word does really really well.