Export to .doc or .txt

I just used the Export feature for the first time yesterday, instead of cut and pasting into an email to write on my phone. All of the .doc files Scrivner created open fine on my mac, but after uploading them to my Docs to Go on iPhone,(since I can’t get Writeroom to work anymore), it says ‘this file cannot be opened because it is not a valid MD Word 97-2008 file.’

Any ideas?

I also exported as .txt but then the exported files all have strange characters where quotes should be after uploading to my phone.

Thanks for any idea.

Scrivener’s .doc export is limited, so when it exports a document with images, footnotes, or headers or footers in it, it exports the .doc file as an RTF file “under the hood”. This is fine for Word, but some other programs don’t like it - Docs2Go, for instance, sadly has no RTF support. Try exporting to .docx instead.

All the best,

Thanks, the .docx did the trick. I thought I had to have a newer version of MSOffice, but it worked anyway. Thanks!