export to docx loses heirarchy?

hi all - i’ve tried various ways of exporting my scrivener outline (which has nested files and folders in it) and have not been able to preserve the nested heirarchy in any and all the export formats I experimented with. For instance, would be rather ideal to have the docx export preserve the outline heirarchy (and appear in Word as a Word outline with the heirarchy preserved). Is that not possible? As far as I can tell, the export results in a single-level set of headers (with levels below level 1 basically lost).

Yes, this is an unfortunately side-effect of Apple’s pre-baked exporters. They give everyone the ability to create these formats, but then neglected to realise that in many cases the main reason anyone would want these formats is to get something a little more useful than a “flat” RTF file! Most people end up using their word processor’s format -> style search and replace features. The even more disgruntled end up using MultiMarkdown, which is essentially the only way to get semantic exports out of Scrivener, albeit with a lack of mobility to standard word processors to all but the most persistent and brave.

Fletcher has recently discovered a new route to convert MultiMarkdown to standard word processor formats using Google Docs:

fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown … ith_googl/

Doesn’t work for footnotes, though. :cry:

thanks for the info guys.
I dont suppose it would be possible for scrivener to bake its own exporter?

Speaking complete based on what I have gleaned from the forums, no. KB (the creator of scriv) would rather give birth. While still a man. It would probably be easier.

Very nice! I’ll have to remember that trick.

It is possible, but it is quite an undertaking. Keith has already done a lot of hacking to the RTF exporter to get it up to a place where it can convey things like footnotes, Word comments, and so on. Consequently it is probably one of the best RTF exporters out there for the Mac; only a few word processors could beat it. But from what I understand these are external hacks to what is essentially a black box. The stuff necessary to convert formatting to proper stylesheets is inside the black box, so taking that step would mean writing one’s own RTF exporter from scratch. Not a trivial undertaking to say the least, and for the most part, it would only be a feature for Word users. RTF stylesheets technically exist as part of the spec if I remember right, but hardly anyone supports them. They might not even be smart enough to do what most people would expect of them. I really haven’t looked in to it, because for me, RTF is roughly analogous to JPEG in terms of text. Everything can open it, but good luck working with it.