export to .docx - problem

Dear All,

I wanted to export my complete research. I tried to export it to .pdf, .rtf, .doc and .docx. The first three work just fine, the exporting to .docx doesn´t.
The program creates the folders right (I have several folders in my “Research”), but then I got an error message, that exporting didn´t work (screen shot of errorr message is attached).

The steps I do:

  • I select “Research” in the binder
    -then I go to “file”, there to “export” and there I choose “files”
  • I type in the name in “save as” (the folder where it should be saved is already there from before)
  • select “.docx” in “export text files as”
  • then I click “save”

I´m running the beta 26 on Windows 7.

error scrivener export.JPG

Thanks for the report. What version of Word do you have installed?

Dear MM,

I have Office 2007 installed.


Dear MM,

and I dicovered that I´m unable to delete the folders. Not sure if this has something to do with Scrivener, just thought I let you know.

When I´m trying to delete the folders with “ctrl+delelte”, the ususal question, if I want to delete them really comes up. I click “yes” then, but then nothing happens.

But when I try to put them in the bin, I only get that the folders aren´t were they should be. But there are in the same place still and I can open them still, too.