Export to ebook without section titles

Is there a way to remove section titles when exporting to .epub? It’s a short story and as I was writing it I divided the story into scenes, but now when I try to export it to .epub, it labels each scene as a chapter. I’ve gone through all the settings and can’t find a way to accomplish this.

Hi josephmulak, and welcome to the forum.

I’d suggest assigning a section layout to your documents that does not include a page break or document title in its example text when you click on the “Assign Section Layouts” button on the File > Compile panel.

In that screenshot, I’ve placed an orange box around the Text section layout. While this example is using As-Is, the key item I wanted to note is that it doesn’t have a page break or title–unlike the Heading example above it.

You might also want to check out our 4-part series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page. You can click on the dropdown and select “macOS” to see its video page.

While some of the settings shown on the Mac version are different from the PC version, the overall compile process and the steps needed to customize the compile settings are similar. You might find seeing that process demonstrated is helpful.

The Tutorial also has some documents about the compile process. And, Chapters 23 and 24 in the Scrivener manual go into detail on the settings and customization process. You can access a PDF copy of the manual from the Help menu. That is also where you can access the Tutorial.

I personally like using the Tutorial as a testing space for a number of Scrivener features, including testing out the compile tools and options. That way, I can experiment with different compile formats and output files without using my own work. If I get settings wrong in the Tutorial, I can delete the flawed one and get a new copy from the Help menu.

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