export to .fdx - not exporting index card info

For example, if you create scenes within the scenes folder, in corkboard view, and create a title for each index card along with a summary, and then compile and export to .fdx, the index card information is not included. Outlining via index cards is a critical early step in screenplay development and Scrivener is not passing this information to Final Draft (version 8).

Hi, to clarify, .fdx is the Final Draft format. Scrivener is not passing outlining data to Final Draft. Are you able to repro? Thanks.

Sorry for the late reply. Scrivener doesn’t currently have an option to pass the synopses as scene summaries when compiling to the FDX format; this is in the pipeline for version 2.

This merits more priority as it’s a significant element of outlining, especially if you are looking to attract more Final Draft users. Is it really a significant dev hit that you have to wait until v2?