Export to Final Draft Question


I’m testing a workflow for outlining a story with Scrivener and then exporting the outline cards into Final Draft for the actually writing phase. I’m making it work, but noticed a bit of speed bump and wanted to see if there is a better way.

The issue: Once I have my outline on the Scrivener corkboard (great feature and functionality, by the way :smiley: ) I then export to FDX and open in FD and here I like to use FD’s ‘Send to Script’ feature which will send every card I select from ‘Synopsis mode’ onto the pages of the scrip itself. BUT, in Scrivener, if I don’t insert a scene heading into every scene on its actual script page (my workaround), then the cards without scene headings or other main text (meaning synopsis only) WILL NOT show up in Final Draft after the export. So, to clarify, my workflow is 1. Scriv – 2. Coarboard – 3. Adding scene heading in page view – 4. compile to FDX. Is there a way to eliminate step 3 of this process.

Also, is there a way in Scrivener to send text from the synopsis card onto the Script pages? (This is a feature I begged for from the Final Draft folks since v.6. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, but I did take personal pride when they included it in v.8 8) but I’m guessing it’s not that simple to do, so, you know, whenever… :wink: )

All this aside, I’m madly in love with Scrivener!


You’re right, there’s no way of doing this at the moment - FDX export does split things up by scene heading and it expects the scene headings to appear at the top of each document. I think an extra option in the Compile “Script Settings” pane might be a good idea here: “Include document titles using format:” with a list of elements after it, with “Scene Heading” as the default. Then Scrivener could insert the binder titles as scene headings into the script upon export, which would save the manual typing. This might be useful in general.

There’s no way to send text from synopses to the document text at the moment, no, although that is something that comes up from time to time so I may well consider it. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Cool, thanks for the response. I have it figured out for now with the current setup and again, the Scrivener to FD workflow gives me a great amount of creative options so, no complaints here. :smiley:

If you don’t care what the scene heading is, since you’re going to do all the actual drafting once you get over to FD, you could create a template document that has that already set up, and then just use that for creating all your new documents when you’re working in corkboard (you’ll get the shortcut Opt-Shift-Cmd-N for the first template you create). Maybe that’s what you’re already doing, but I thought I’d mention it.

That’s a great idea! Thanks!