Export to Kindle?

Is there any way to export documents in Kindle format? I note that one can Compile the entire draft in Kindle format, but the Kindle option does not appear in the Export menu. I’d like to be able to read a few pages of my current project on my Kindle, away from my desk, once in a while. I know that I can do that by exporting in Text mode, but the kindle format is more easily manipulated within Kindle itself.

The compiler doesn’t need to use the entire book as source material. If you just want to put a chapter or two on your Kindle for proofing, use the Contents compile option pane to select the chapter folder you wish to compile and make an ebook out of it. You’ll need to click the blue arrow button to expand the compile interface first. In the Contents section, there is a drop-down menu at the top of the contents list; use that to select a sub-folder.

Thanks for your response, Ioa, but now I’m even more confused.

The compile panel tells me that to export to Kindle format I need to install KindleGen “a free tool from Amazon.” But I cannot find anything called KindleGen on Amazon, except a book about creating Kindle files. Even the humanized robot (or perhaps it was a robotic human) on the Amazon customer support line told me there was no such thing as KindleGen.

Page with KindleGen:


Got it!

Thanks to both of you. Got the program, did the brief compile. All working fine.

Appreciate the fast responses.

We should put the URL in the KindleGen pane to make that easier. Sorry for the confusion; but we can’t distribute that program with Scrivener’s installation, Amazon’s licence doesn’t allow that, so hence all the run-about.