Export to LibreOffice -- Can NOT Compile Without LO's Section Feature


Been tweaking my compile options in Scrivener v2.8 while targeting LibreOffice v5.1.2.2.

LibreOffice has an organizational entity in Write called a section. Sections are brilliant when you need to do something crazy like change the number of columns without going to a new page, or hide or write protect a piece of a page. However sections just get in the way otherwise, particularly the way Scrivener generates them.

Every selected document in Front Matter is its own section. Every chapter in the novel is its own section. To intelligently tweak the document in LibreOffice I must first delete all the sections, then delete all those page styles (which can only be done one at at time… all 68 of them), finally I can import my named styles from a template document to apply the styles I want, including page styles (and fixing the page numbers). Screwing around removing a document feature I don’t want and can’t use wastes a bunch of time.

I don’t see a control for that in Scrivener’s compile. Am I missing something?

Thanks a million.

Scrivener only generates sections if it needs to in order to fulfil a formatting request. This older thread lists the various options that necessarily insert a section break. As with the original poster in that thread, my initial response at the top should address what you are seeing. The rest are self-evident one offs like switching from multi-column to single-column—but it’s worth going through the list of causes if the initial fix doesn’t work.

EXCELLENT, Amber. SOLVED! Although I must confess I didn’t go all the way back to 2010 to look for the answer.

KB had the answer.

This was a real stumper for me. As it turns out “Different first pages” is the default for the “Novel” preset, but “Automatic” is not. One errant click spells trouble. “Page settings” is the 10th option, “First pages” is the 2nd tab, and so “Different first pages header/footer” and “Start regular header/footer on:” doesn’t exactly jump out and smack one in the eye. Not sure what the answer is, other than education.

There are so many options in the Compile popup, and some of them seem redundant. And about a third of the rest appear down right mysterious.

Anyway, SOLVED! I’m pleased, and life goes on. Thanks.

Yeah well for most people having a section break isn’t a big deal (I’d guess a good many don’t care or even know what they are in the first place, they just don’t want “1” at the bottom of the title page), so there hasn’t been a huge cry to make the identification of these triggers more obvious.

Niche though it may be, I have added a note to point these out in the manual though, as I do think that would be a nice thing you don’t have to search back to 2010 for. :slight_smile: