export to libreoffice

Lion doesn’t like MS Office 2004 for Mac (which I was using with Tiger), and now there are reasonable (and free) word processor substitutes. I picked LibreOffice. But when I hit export in Scrivener, it still loads into Textedit. I have a workaround, importing my .scriv file from Libre, but I’d like to be able just to hit the export button and have it load directly into Libre. The question is, how? Thank you.


Scrivener exports RTF files, and under OS X those are connected to TextEdit. However, you can change that connection permanently by right-clicking on the exported file, choose Open With > Other program > Select Libre Office > check “always open with this application” (please be aware that I don’t use English language OS X, so this was a “free” translation of my German menus).

From now on, EVERY RTF file will be opened by LO. That can be a problem, since many simple Readme-Files are RTF as well… However, you can NOT choose LO to open ONLY those RTF files exported by Scrivener.

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You can choose, on a per document basis, which application will open it (check the Open with options in Get Info).

If you want to get fancy, you could use Automator to create an simple desktop app that, when you drag your document onto it, will change the associated application from TextEdit to Libre Office for you. Use the Set application for files command under the Files & Folders options in Automator.

Thanks Christian. Interesting that it was a fellow German here in Japan who first turned me on to Scrivener. Must be big there. Thanks Nom. I’ll try Automator, as I’ve never thought of a use for it before. Should be fun.