Export to Microsoft Word document not honoring font and paragraph alignment

Is there a setting or something I have set wrong? I saved my compile settings from a previous project and imported them into this one, but I have a “works by” page that should be centered, and the document defaults to Times New Roman, 13 point, rather than Garamond 15 point, which is what I prefer.

I am having this same problem on a Mac. Does anyone know of a solution?

The compile process is, by design, capable of changing how the text looks in the final output. When you bring up the compile window, and select the various entries Formatting pane, do the appropriate documents in the binder get yellow highlights? If not, then the compile settings aren’t matching up to your documents.

JTScribe: Similarly, in version 3, in each new project, you have to tell scrivener that a given document “Section Type” should be formatted using a specific “Section Layout” in the compile window. They put out a version three how-to video series here: literatureandlatte.com/lear … t?os=macOS and there’s also a blog post describing how it changed from version 2 (equivalent to version 1 for Windows).