Export to MMD does not include headers

I’m using version 1.11 and I can’t get Scrivener to export MMD headings. I most carefully left “Preserve Format” and “Keep Format” boxes unchecked. I’ve looked through the documentation and from what I see that should do it. A dmg file with the test file I used and the resulting output file and a file of what I expected is at

inkblack.net/dad/file_download_l … _files.dmg

I figure I must be missing something obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dana S. Wheeler


It looks like you’re expecting MMD to use the document titles as headings, but you have not told Scrivener to export those titles.

In your compile draft settings, folders have their titles exported but not file groups or files, and your project only uses file groups and files.

Thanks! That fixed the problem. I knew it was something simple.