Export to MMD

When I export from scrivener to mmd, I want second level header to be ## the third level header to be ### and so on. I’ve set this up, but in the exported textfile, all I get is the first level #.

(See image: dropbox.com/s/c8mqfya47vghi … .23.08.png if you want to. For example, I got the title
" # 3.1 Om kapitlet # ".)

If you are exporting to MMD then the level of heading applied to a section is controlled by the position of the document in the binder.


In the screen shot there are three levels of file nested. On compile they will come out as:

Are your documents nested with the level two documents inside a level one container (file or folder)?

The other thing I see from your screen shot is that you’ve put the hierarchical numbering as part of the level title. You shouldn’t do that, as the export from MMD to something else should deal with the actual numbering. That explains why you get the ‘3.1’ in the title.

Finally, if you’ve more MMD questions do have a look at the MMD forum and post there: http://literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21

It’s usually best to stick with using the top-level header as a single hash. This gives you more flexibility should you ever need it, and keeps the document standard (if you ever wish to paste some material from one article to another, and they all use different “start” header depths it would be a pain to deal with.

So instead of trying to manipulate the hashes themselves, you should be telling MMD what “#” means. For instance if you are using the memoir LaTeX class, but do not need parts and wish only to have a sequence of chapters, the answer isn’t to bump the top level up to “##”, but instead to use the “Base Header Level” meta-data field, setting it to “2”. Whatever that is set to will determine the class depth of the top level header in MMD. Scrivener includes a placeholder BHL field in default compile settings, set to “1” (which is the default state). So all you really need to do is go into the Meta-Data compile option pane and change the value of that key to 2.