Export to multiple Word files

I have each of my chapters broken down into folders. I would like to export each chapter into Microsoft Word and have each chapter be broken down into its own separate Word document, instead of combining all into one document. Is there any way to do this?

Rather than compiling, you can select the documents in the binder and then use the File > Export feature to export each document to a single file.


I’ve exported a chapter, however, each of the scenes is then listed in Word alphabetically, rather than in the order they should be in the chapter. Short of numbering the scenes, anything I can do?

No, the files are just exported using their document title as the file name, so sorting after that is based on your Windows Explorer settings, e.g. alphabetical by file name, by date last modified, etc. Might compile be a better option for you, then? You can choose to compile only a subsection of the Draft from the drop-down menu in the compile Contents pane, so for example if you have your chapter scenes organised into container folders, you could choose just the “Chapter One” folder for compile.

What I was hoping to do was edit scenes in Word while on a road trip and then import them back into Scrivener. Slapping a number on each scene is probably a quick and dirty solution, since they all have the same time stamp (previously imported from yWriter). Thanks, though.