EXPORT to Mybase .nyf

This is possibly an idiosyncratic request but I use mybase http://www.wjjsoft.com/mybase.html for some of my larger projects and I desperately need an export to .nyf feature in Scrivener.

There are some very lengthy workarounds. Scrivener has good export features and mybase has good import features but when I export to ms-word or html I lose the ability to import the order of the files in the hierarchy. And when I export to opml I can retain the hierarchy but then I get unformatted text.


Hi Jiggs

We can be reasonably confident L&L won’t be adding a direct export to one application’s proprietary database format. But you seem to have gotten pretty close using Export Files and the HTML option. I think your best bet is to use an OPML export to set up the hierarchy, and then flatten your Export Files output into a single folder. Import these into myBase as child items, and drag them into their places on the tree, replacing the raw text counterparts.

Good Luck (from a former frustrated myBase user) – Jerome

Hello! I am also thinking of using mybase as knowledge management system, and also thought maybe Scrivener could do the job including writing…what do you thin? and what did you mean being a frustrated mybase user? Thank you! Andreas

Ancient history from early this decade and maybe even late the last. Document tabs rather than split screen, and no spell check. I satisficed with any number of rough substitutes before Scriv’s Windows release became available and suitable.