export to pages

hi guys. I am so naive …

is there anyone who know how to export to pages?? help me plz :question:

Export in .doc format, import into Pages.

thanks! it works but can I directly export to pages from scrivener ?

Pages apparently has its own secret sauce which Apple doesn’t share with mere mortals like the Lit&Latters. But I’m not sure I understand how telling Scrivener to export your file as a Word.doc and then opening it in Pages, where it’s automatically converted to Pages’ format, is different in any way.

As Ahab says, the .pages format is undocumented, so there’s no way we can export to it directly, unfortunately. Back with Pages 1.0, Apple published part of the (old) format, but stated explicitly on their site that they did not intend to publish the entire format and that what they did publish was not intended for use by developers creating importers/exporters. What’s a shame is that, even if Apple doesn’t want to publish the format (which changes regularly anyway), they haven’t provided importers and exporters that Cocoa developers can at least use with the OS X text system - Apple has provided importers and exporters for Word, RTF and OpenOffice formats, just not for their own app’s format!