Export to word template, view mod dates in binder


I am new to Scrivener. Hats off a very nice tool.

I am a management consultant so do lots of report writing and research. Great tool for both.

Here a few thoughts that I did not quite find in the other requests.

  1. The ability to export to a word template. This would include current nesting to correspond to headings & sub-headings when compiling from drafts. This would save some formatting effort as each header would be marked as such (Header 1, Header 2, etc. according to the template).

This would simplify setting up TOC and other items in word for the final document.

  1. An option to see modification dates in the binder view would be helpful. I have figured out how to add this in the outline view which is helpful but is a bit limited.

  2. Drag and drop of ppt files into a text file (like pdf’s) would be nice. Have seen that the import works and suppose could convert into pdf before drag and drop. But would be nice.

Thanks for considering these.

Kind regards,

Thanks, glad you like the software!

  1. As you can imagine this comes up frequently, and the answer is always the same: it’s a great idea, but it’s terribly complicated for one single programmer to do (well, and do anything else, like make Scrivener). The MultiMarkdown (very similar to Markdown) workflow does have a stylesheet-ready word processor output, but that route requires working as though Scrivener were plain-text, and that doesn’t appeal to most. Do note that Word has easy to use tools for selecting large bulk text of like formatting, which then in turn makes it easy to apply a style to that bulk selection. In short, you need only do this for each separate type of text in the document; so a title would need to be fixed once, body text once, block quotes once and so on. Most documents can thus be fixed in a matter of less than five minutes.
  2. There aren’t any plans to increase the complexity of the Binder or blur the line between Outliner and Binder. I’m not sure what you mean by the Outliner view being limiting however. I know people that outright replace the Binder with it.
  3. Powerpoint can already export a presentation as a series of images in a variety of formats via Save As. That is the best way to serialise a presentation into an open format, in my opinion.