Export to Word?

How do I export to one .docx file rather than multiple ones?

What you are looking for is the Compile function.


P.S. The Export function is not one you will likely have regular use for – as it really is for simply exporting individual files from a project. It is not intended as the way to output your results. The Compile function is the thing for that.

Compile only seems to go to PDF and Print. How do I get it to Word .docx?

Thanks for your help

You can either select RTF or DOCX. My preference is to compile to RTF and open that in Word for it to do the conversion and then save to DOCX. If you compile to DOCX, Scrivener first compiles to RTF and then calls a third party converter to do the conversion to DOCX. I just think Word is more reliable for this.

But as you have had to ask this question, I would guess you have not spent sufficient time with the interactive Tutorial available under the Help menu. If you really haven’t I can’t advise you strongly enough to do so.