Exported file has one letter per line

I must be missing something, but i tried .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, and every time i export my file it creates a document with one letter per line, left justified. I cant get a file out of the app that isn’t screwed up. Any advice?

Same problem here.

Are you dealing with documents written in scriptwriting mode? Some users including myself are experiencing that problem with scriptwriting documents.

Yes, I was in scriptwriting mode. Working in Win7 if that matters.

It’s a bug that’s been noted on the forums before. Not aware of a fix yet I’m afraid.

Here’s something that seems to work for both export and compile. You manually set the right margin (don’t leave it at the default). In a text note, if you set it to something like 6", it exports correctly to RTF. In compile, you can’t set it to anything more than 4.83" because of the design of the configuration box (which I believe could be changed). To set it, right click on the right tab on the ruler and select “set right margin”. Export/compile then work as expected.

This is Windows Beta 1.9