Exported Final Draft screenplay improperly translates Dialog

The Final Draft (.fdx) documents I create from my Scrivener screenplays have the dialogue portions all converted to action format. If this isn’t fixable I will have to choose between Scrivener and FD for screenplays.

I think I encountered this a little while back. I was working on a nearly completed script, and made a small change to the Dialogue margin setting in the script settings. Then when I exported to fdx format, all the dialogue texts were put into action format in Final Draft. Fortunately I was able to change the margin setting back to its original state, and the export worked ok, except for the additions I had made with the new margin setting, which had to be changed one by one back to the original setting.
I guess the underlying issue is that, once a piece of text is written, Scrivener does not ‘know’ that it has a particular format.

As simeva mentioned, Scrivener can only identify the elements based on their formatting. One of the recent updates for Scrivener made some adjustments to better preserve custom elements when exporting to FDX, so first check that you’re up to date with version 1.6.1 of Scrivener. If that’s the version you’re using, could you let me know the font and paragraph script settings in Scrivener for the dialog element that isn’t transferring properly?