Exported images getting lost in some e-mail programs.

I have a Scrivener document that includes images that were copied and pasted. I export the file to MS Word format, then with the file open in Word, Pages, or Preview I copy and paste a portion of the document into an e-mail program and send it. Mac Mail works fine, but two other e-mail programs (Canary and Spark) fail to send the images. I assume the problem is with the alternative e-mail programs, but I’m baffled as to why. Images drag and dropped into those programs work fine. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. I would like to use Spark or Canary, but right now can’t.

Have you asked the support sites for those programs? If Scrivener successfully creates the MS Word file, its job is done.


I asked one of the developers (twice) and got no response. Since Spark and Canary are able to send images, I thought there might be something different about the images Scrivener exports. On the receiving end of the e-mail I get a block with a question mark and "pasted png."I also wondered if Scrivener might send a link to the file rather than the image file itself, Just guessing.

I think the trouble you are having is most likely between MS Word and these alt email programs.

YOU COULD TRY: To see if Scriv has any bearing at all on the matter, try copying something with text and pictures from a Word doc that was not generated by Scriv, and paste it into those alt mail programs to see if the pictures still get lost. If they do, you will know the issue has nothing to do with how Scriv encodes output for Word.


MY GUESS as to how it will all turn out: When you Copy from a doc, the active app decides what to put on the system’s clipboard and how to format it and how to say what it is. When you Paste into an app from the clipboard, the active app decides what to look for on the clipboard. If memory serves, Word puts more than one version of what you copy onto the clipboard – in different formats. It puts an HTML version of your contents on the clipboard. It puts a rich text versions, probably also a plain text version. Apple Mail no doubt looks for and spots the HTML content on the clipboard and uses that for preference. The apps you speak of may not be looking for that – they may not accept HTML content – and so they look for some more text-based formatted clipboard contents. And that is why you just see symbolic reps of your images when you paste with them. In short, I think it is all going to be down to a limitation of those mail programs.

Thanks for the help. I’m still confused about the problem, but it is easily reproducible without Scrivener involved. Dragging and dropping jpg files works every time, but when I start copying and pasting things go awry. The alt e-mail apps don’t appear to be up to the task.

An MS Word file created by Scrivener is completely self-contained. It has no ability or need to access the source project,