Exporting a Chapter in Word


I’m using Scrivener for Mac. I’m going to send a chapter of my 24-chapter book to a potential editor as an example of my writing style.

In the Compile window all of the sections and scenes are checked by default. It’s going to be a long haul to uncheck so many items.

Is there a shortcut, such as “uncheck all,” so that I can select the sections and scenes that I want to compile?

When I attempted to export two chapters by selecting the sections and scenes and choosing Export (File>Export>Files), I got a folder full of the individual documents as docx, not a single docx document.

I also tried copying the group of sections/scenes into a new book, and was able to get a single document - however, this seems awkward.

Looking for instructions on exporting a chapter into docx.

Your help is appreciated.

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ALT CLICK (or OPT CLICK) selects / deselects all items at once in the compile interface.

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In addition to @SWM 's suggestion, uncheck the one or two chapters you do want compiled and click on the filter button (at top right of compile dialog and chose to compile “excluded documents”. I just discovered that myself and seems to work.


I use windows but if you create a collection call it editor and put anything you want to send such as first chapter, front matter like a cover image, title page, back matter can be included and when go to compile and click on drop down just choose your collection and only have to look at a few items and can add later if want to send more.


You can also …

  1. select items in the binder

  2. tell the compiler to only compile the current selection


Thanks, everyone, for responding so quickly.

SWM, I think the “compile current section” option is the solution I can most readily use.

I’ll also check out the Option Click to select and deselect, the option to compile “excluded documents,” and creating a collection for items I want to send to the editor.


I select the chapter/section/whatever in the Binder, and I then use the filter in compile to ‘Current Selection’, right at the bottom of the dropdown.

I also have ‘Preferences → Behaviours → Folders & Files → Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders’ ticked, so I only need to select the topmost Folder(s)/document(s) for the selection in the Binder.

‘Add front matter’ and ‘Add back matter’ are there at the bottom of the compile dialog if you want to include either of those with your chapter.



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