Exporting A Draft

Just checked out the latest update… which unfortunately didn’t address the issues mentioned earlier. So, here we go again:

  • When exporting a draft it would be great to have a function that respects the paragraph and tab settings and only changes the font and font size. At the moment all my lists are unreadable because Scrivener enforces both paragraph and font settings when exporting a draft;

  • My text, due to the lack of implementing graphics and charts in the text properly, now has links to the graphics I’m referring to. However, these links are not translated into objects when exporting and printing a draft. It would be helpful to center any image or graph and resize it accordingly if a reference to it, ie. a link, is given in the text. This could be done after the sentence is finished in which the reference occurs.

1.01 did actually address this, as explained in the list of changes. Under the Formatting tab of Export Draft, next to the button that allows you to change the font of the text, is a checkbox entitled “Font only”. If this is checked, only the font of the exported text is changed, not the paragraph attributes.

As for changing Scrivener links into the objects they represent, this is not going to happen. The rich text system allows you to insert images directly, and you can resize these and centre them how you want.