Exporting a folder as a single Word file?

I need to export a single folder, containing a number of files, as a single Word file. I thought it was possible to do this via File/Export, but that only seems to create a folder on my hard drive containing each of the individual chunks of content as a separate Word file. Is there any way to combine these into a single Word file?

To create a single file, you need compile (either CMD OPT E or File > Compile) rather than export.

You can compile all or any part of your manuscript / draft folder into different formats, including Word.

So you just need to run compile, choosing Word (either .doc or .docx) as the compile format and selecting just the folder and files you want.

This is non-destructive: your original text will be left in the project as it is.

In the graphic below, I am compiling a single folder called Word, with the files I want in the compiled Word file selected with ticks. You can select or deselect whatever you want.

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks very much! :smiley:


Slàinte mhòr.