Exporting a manuscript

1)This question seems incredibly basic, but I’ve finished a draft of a novel on Scrivener. I’ve been working on a Mac. But I want to email it to work where I would work on it in Windows. When I send it as a word document, and open it in Microsoft Word all of my paragraph indentations at the beginning of each paragraph disappears. What should I do?

  1. What is the best way to export a draft of a novel as a manuscript?


Check your settings in the Formatting compile option pane. One of the features of the compiler is that it can reformat your work to a specific look and feel. If you’ve been typing in Scrivener the way you want things to look in the end product, you might benefit from turning off the override. In the Formatting pane, at the very top, you’ll find an option for doing so. Turn off the checkmark there and see if the result is any better.