Exporting a novel to ePub then viewing in iBooks


I created a Novel project and I have (so far) done nine chapters. The project is laid out to hold one chapter per file. I am using all defaults which means the font that I am typing with is Cochin/Regular/14. I wanted to see what this would look like in an eBook reader so I compiled using the pre-defined Custom Format (it came with the Novel project) which creates an ePub file. I opened this file in iBooks on my MacBook Pro and it opened OK.

The problem is the font. I know that fonts (usually) are not stored in eBooks. This means that I would use whatever fonts are available on the eReader or in this case, the iBooks program. When I try to change the font in iBooks, the only change I see is sometimes a change in point size. The font does NOT change. Another weird thing is that the fonts and point sizes are different between chapters. The font that it is using looks almost like a courier font. Italicized text shows up as underlined text.

I tried reading the eBook on my iPad and the behavior is the same.

I am thinking that there has to be something wrong in the ePub file. None of my other ePub files has this problem.

It sounds like you might be using the standard manuscript compile preset (the novel template uses that as a default, “Custom” just means, as you might guess, that at some point you customised it somehow by clicking a checkbox or something), which is designed for submission, not really for e-book production. You might have more luck just going with the E-Book compile preset, at least as a starting point, and then go from there.