Exporting annotations as inline text

Maybe this should be a wishlist item, but . . . I would like a way to export annotations to RTF pretty much as they appear within Scrivener, namely inline with the other text and distinguished by a different color (the thin border isn’t essential).

As it stands, one of the options under “Text Formatting” in the “Export Draft” panel is “Remove annotations.” But I can’t figure out what effect this has, since even when that option is unchecked, no annotations appear in my RTF file when I open it in TextEdit. Shouldn’t this be “Include annotations”?? What is “removed” when that box is checked?

Try exporting as RTFD instead. I know that exports them just like you are asking. They will be coloured using the colour you chose in Scrivener, and placed in brackets to help set them apart from the flow of the text. When using RTF, a different method is used that is more compatible with Microsoft Word, and doesn’t really work well with anything else (on the Mac, at any rate). Actually, I am not sure why it doesn’t work if “Export annotations as RTF comments” is disabled. I thought if that was turned off, they would appear as they do in RTFD – but I guess not.

There’s something wrong then, because I tried RTFD and still no annotations. In fact, just now I’ve tried exporting with nearly every possible combination of options in the Export Draft pane and the annotations never come through. This includes the “export annotations as RTF comments”–Word says there are no comments in the resulting file.

So I guess this should be in “bug hunt”! This is one bug I would really like hunted.



Ha! Indeed, there does some to be something afoul. I had not noticed because for some reason it still works the way it should when using the MMD exporters.

Keith, while you are poking around in this section of the code, what are your thoughts on switching the logic around on this one? All of the other options in that section are “do this,” based, except for that one which is “do not.”

D’oh! Yes, there is a very silly bug introduced with the last beta here… Will fix it for the next release.

Great; I’m glad it’s easy to fix.


Yep - I just fixed it, so it’s definitely done for the next release. :slight_smile: