Exporting both footnotes and endnotes to DOCX


My publisher wants me to use footnotes for explanations and endnotes for citations. Can I produce both footnotes and endnotes using Scrivener?

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I’ve only seen(did) this outside of Scrivener using the output from the release version 1.9.x (and it was a pain to do then). I’m not sure that you can do both with the beta - like version 1.9.x, it seems to be one or the other - but it would be a really nice to have feature for those of us who do technical/academic writing. If somebody has a method that works, please share!

I’m a Mac user, but it seems you can do it in Windows Scrivener 3.

Use inline footnotes for your citations and Inspector footnotes for your explanations, allows you to achieve it. In the compile dialog, select the “gear wheel icon” and tick “Export inline footnotes as endnotes” Open it in Word to set the note markers for the different streams—I assume it’s easy to do in Word; I use Nisus Writer Pro on the Mac where it’s just a matter of choosing an option on the appropriate footnote or endnote style.

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Thanks. That’s a great idea but I think there’s a bug in Scrivener because the footnote didn’t fill in. The footnote number appeared but the footnote text didn’t appear. The inline footnotes converted to endnotes well.

Scrivener Version: Beta (984254) 64-bit - 12 Jul 2020

Inline footnotes > endnotes
footnotes > footnotes

Pardon me, I was doing it wrong. It works, mostly.

The endnotes don’t seem to be real endnotes. The notes do appear at the end of the document and they are enumerated but they are not proper endnotes like I would get if I inserted endnotes in Word. They are “hard coded” in the text without being hyperlinked. That is to say, the superscript appears in the body and there is text at the end of the document but they are not linked in any way and, if I remove one, the numbers don’t update.