exporting cards from corkboard

When I try to use compile, or export on the cards from corkboard, it does not work. I’ve tried compiling to word, rtf, and txt. It says it is updated. There are others in my class with the same problem. I’ve tried selecting all cards, using control shift X, and other misc things, like clicking all the heading boxes. I get an empty document, one time I did get page numbers. Please help.

What is it you are looking to get as a final product here? Are you looking for some single file that has all of the information on the card “face”, the title and synopsis? If so you can set up the compiler to give you a file like that. It’s probably easiest to just select the “Outliner” format as preset and see if that works for you. If you’re looking for something else though, let me know.

Yes, I want all the text in one document, in order from first card to last. I did try going to the outliner screen. I can see my list of cards. When I go to compile, and choose ‘outliner’, what I end up with is a blank word document.

Are all of your documents in the proper top-level folder (Draft is one name for it, Manuscript is also used in the Novel Template)? That would explain why nothing is in your compiled Word document.

To see what folder everything should be in for Compile to work on them, bring up the Compile window and select Contents on the left pane. You should see your documents in the main part of the window. If you don’t see a list of your files and folders in that window, then look at the name of the folder selected in the drop-down selector that’s just to the right of “Contents” – That’s the folder you need to put your documents into.

And just a side note on that matter, if you do not see a “Contents” pane on the left side of the compile window, then click that little blue up-arrow along the right edge to expand the compile pane and show all options.

I dragged all my cards into the manuscript folder. Now when I compile, I have a title page, the word chapter, the word scene, and a series of #s, each separated by a page return. I would like to have my cards title and content display.

When you say the card’s content, are we talking about the “card” as a metaphor on the corkboard—the short synopsis that you can type into the card face below the title—or do you mean content to refer to the stuff you type into the main text editor? Because if you don’t type into the card face at all, then that would explain why the document is empty when you export when using outliner. All outliner does is print the title of the item and its synopsis. You might prefer to try “Original”, and then switch to the Formatting compile option pane and check off the “Title” boxes for all item types you wish to print titles on.

Yes, the index card metaphor on corkboard. I have titles and synopses on each one. When I try to compile the list of cards shows up in the window, I select each one, and check ‘as is’. I also select all at the bottom. Then there is the screen that you can check off title, synopsis, etc. I have all those boxes checked.

I’m not sure why you are checking off “As-Is”. If you read what that does in the documentation, you’ll see that it impacts formatting of the content text itself, as well as whether or not the title or other peripheral meta-data elements (like synopsis) are exported for that item. In other words, when a particular item is set to compile as-is, it will do nothing but export the text content with all formatting verbatim. No title, no synopsis etc. So you’re choosing a compile format that does nothing but export title and synopsis, and then setting all of your scheduled items to specifically omit both of those.

I unclicked ‘as-is’ and it worked! Thanks to everyone who helped.