Exporting Comments to OpenOffice

I have a novel a friend of mine wrote imported into Scrivener. I made comments throughout it. These are the kind that appear in the Inspector, not in the text. Since I’m finished, I want to send the novel (with comments) back to her.

So I compile a .doc file.

When I open the file in Word 2007, the comments appear fine, right in the margin where they’re supposed to be.

When I open the file in OpenOffice, the comments are nowhere to be found. I see the “View --> Comments” option, but it’s grayed out, as if no comments exist.

Any ideas why this is happening? It’d be great if I could figure out how to fix this. I can’t use Word on my Mac, because I can’t afford the Mac license, so OpenOffice is my only option.


OpenOffice still doesn’t support RTF comments, unfortunately. For yourself, you could set the compiler to embed the notes in the text as inline comments. This will just use colour text effects to distinguish them from the regular text—so not optimum for sending to your friend. But does your friend have a copy of Word?

The only word processors I know of on the Mac that support RTF comments (which are being used in the .doc file, by the way) are Word and Nisus Writer.