Exporting Cue Cards

Is it possible to export cue cards, particularly when their order isn’t committed, either as a PDF or a text file? I’ve got my storyline done in a sort of meandering fashion, and would like to send it to someone. Am having troubles extracting it from Scrivener.

I’m not sure about uncommitted cards, but have you tried File > Page Setup, then clicking on Settings and selecting Scrivener from the drop-down menu? Clicking on Options opens up a menu with choices for index cards. Then you could use the print menu to Save to PDF.

I believe, though I’ve not done it and I hope a more savvy person will come in, that you can set up compile to print only titles and synopses of all the documents (which includes Scrivener folders, of course) that are selected for compile.

I imagine it would come out like an outline, but in whatever order the documents are in the binder … though of course that needn’t reflect final intended order, since being able to move things around is of the essence in Scrivener.

HTH :slight_smile:


Yes, you can do this. I have done it to export my outline to a mind map. Worked perfectly.