exporting document text to .tsv

I’m a new Scrivener user and have not been able to get the answer to the following question either by reading the manual or searching the forum:

When I export to .tsv it includes the title, synopsis, and a lot of other metadata. However, it does NOT include the document text. How can I get the document text included in the exported fields?

Alternatively, how do I export the document title, synopsis, other metadata fields, AND text in some other mode.



P.S. I should perhaps mention that I want to export the document text plus metadata for import into Tinderbox as integrated notes + attributes (one Tinderbox note+attributes for each Scrivener document) , as well as importing Tinderbox notes into Scrivener so that I can see and work with the text and metadata of large collections of notes.

P.S.S. Perhaps another way to ask the question is - how do I set the value of a custom metadata field to the value of the text in the document? If I could do that, then I would be able to add the custom metadata field to the .tsv export.

Why don’t you just use Tinderbox’s “Import from Scrivener” menu item under “File”?


While the Tinderbox command “File:Import from Scrivener…” does import the document text and a small subset of the metadata, it does not import the full set of metadata, including keywords and custom metadata. The tab-separated .tsv export seemed the ideal approach since I can edit it to contain custom metadata, and theoretically it includes keywords. It has everything except the document text.

I should mention, however, that the keywords I’ve defined don’t show up in outline mode even though I’ve included the keywords column